Hunt the Ocellated Turkey in Guatemala -- Continued


>>> At this time, we are not booking ocellated turkey hunts in Guatemala. The last hunts were in 2009. <<<


Ocellated Turkey Hunts--general information about the hunts.

The hunting camps are in the rain forest of northern Guatemala 30 miles south of the Mexico border in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. We have special arrangements with the government and the local communities of Uaxactun and Carmelita to hold our hunts in the Biosphere Preserve not far from Tikal National Park. We are the only legal ocellated turkey outfitter in Guatemala.

Success Rate
We have had an uninterrupted run of 100% hunter success since the beginning of the hunts. With an excellent turkey population, skilled guides and scouts, and highly effective calling method, we foresee no problem in continuing that success rate. There can be no guarantee of success, however.

Hunters per Hunt
There are 18 hunters in 3 parties of 6 at the Uaxactun camp and 12 hunters in 2 parties of 6 at the Carmelita camp. Total hunters per season: 30.

Hunting Dates & Travel Schedule
Hunting dates are in April and early May. Our success rate is 100% for all hunts, early and late, because we have so much jungle to hunt in. Definite dates are set before the 50% deposit is called for in the summer preceding your hunt. The dates will sent to all booked hunters. Your $300 advance deposit will be refunded if the final dates are not acceptable to you or if you change your mind for any other reason. Dates are adjusted by only 1 to 3 days at most.

The hunt fee of $3000 includes guide, hunting license, gun and ammo, export permit, lodging with meals, and transportation to camp and return to Flores after hunting.

If you want to go, send a check for $300, payable to Lovett Williams, along with the filled out reservation form and we will pencil you in. Our asking for a minimal deposit is the only way to be reasonably sure about who is serious about going. Lovett will call for a larger deposit in June of the year before your hunt date while there is still time to fill vacancies caused by cancellations. Your $300 deposit is refundable until you pay the 50% deposit; after that, deposits are non-refundable unless your vacancy can be filled. If you would lilke to be on the standby list, please fill out one of the reservation forms and write "Standby Request" at the top. We sometimes have late cancellations.

Most American hunters fly to Guatemala City directly from the USA on a U.S. airline and on to Flores on TACA airlines on their afternoon flight. It is also possible to travel via Cancun or Belize City and on to Flores. At the Flores airport you will be met in the baggage area by the hotel van driver for Hotel Camino Real Tikal. He will have the names of the party members and will take to your hotel where Lovett will meet you. The next morning the party will be driven overland from the hotel to camp. The trip from hotel to camp will take 4-5 hours. Your return trip will be the reverse order--from camp to hotel and the next morning to the airport for the flight home. We cannot bring each hunter out after he takes his turkey but we can bring out the whole party early if everybody is ready.

This is a bona fide safari--rustic thatch-roofed huts in a jungle camp with mosquito netting on jungle-made furniture. We have store-bought mattresses and bed covers. There are rustic but adequate privies and a place to bathe. Drinking water is purified. There will be a bi-lingual person in camp. Camp cooks, guides, scouts, and helpers will assist in making your hunt comfortable, pleasant, and a true adventure.

You will hunt 4 full days. We have 12 gauge shotguns and U.S. turkey ammunition. Your guide will roost a turkey and take you to it in early morning and take you to a good roosting place and stay with you for afternoon hunting. If you shoot a hen, there is a $500 fee assessment. If you shoot a jake, he will be your trophy. To avoid these errors, please refer to the segment on this web site about how to identify sex and age class of ocellated turkeys. We will discuss sex and age ID further in camp. We will have a briefing in camp about how to call ocellated turkeys but you will have the option of shooting a turkey on the roost, if you so wish. Your guide will help you ID the sex of your trophy before shooting and can also do the calling.

Care of your Trophy
Your turkey will be skinned in camp and packed with a preservative. There is a $30 charge if the staff skins it--or, you can skin it yourself. We know how to export and import the specimens and will assist you with that. You will hand-carry your turkey skin in a cardboard box on your flight home. You can complete the Data for Trophy Certificate form if you want a trophy certificate to frame. View an example of the ocellated turkey trophy certificate and the form for the physical data on your trophy.

You must have a valid passport. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to get one. There are a few requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service that we will assist you with. You will receive that information when you make a reservation.

Medical Requirements
There are no legal requirements concerning vaccinations or other medication but a few things are sometimes recommended by medical people such as tetanus and typhoid vaccinations. We will send you that information.

The talk sometimes heard about danger of snakes, other wild animals, and bandits is greatly exaggerated. Going to Miami is more dangerous. We keep in touch with the U. S. State Department about that and we can obtain armed Guatemalan military escorts to camp if there is any reason for concern. The government puts great emphasis on tourism and strives to insure your safety and peace of mind.

More Info Coming
Lovett will send more information to booked hunters from time to time including airline information. Feel free to call Lovett about anything that concerns you.

Before requesting a reservation, you probably should speak with Lovett first about available dates. When you have selected a date, click on view and print the request form and print out the form. Be sure to name the preferred camp, hunt (first, second, third), and the hunters in your party. We need full contact information on the form for all hunters in the party. It is very convenient if we have e-mail addresses as well. If you are flexible about dates, please let Lovett know that.


>>> At this time, we are not booking ocellated turkey hunts in Guatemala. The last hunts were in 2009. <<<


Hunt the Ocellated Turkey in Guatemala -- Continued

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