Audio CDs and DVDs of real wild turkey calls include the following: Lost Whistle • Assembly Yelp • Kee-Kee • Plain Cluck • Rattling • Tree Yelp • Roost Pitting • Cutting • Loud Clucking • Gobble • Feeding Call • Kee-kee-run • Cackle • Lost Yelp • Hatching Yelp • Alarm Putt • Putt-purring • Aggressive Purring • Gould's Gobbling • Ocellated Mating Call. All examples of calls are actual recordings of calling by wild turkeys recorded in the wild.

To view the audio CDs and DVDs, click the links below.

Lovett Williams Recording Turkey Calls for Real Turkeys Cassettes
Lovett Recording Turkey Calls for Real Turkeys CD's

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