Real Turkeys I, II, III, IV and V

Real Turkeys I: The Best Known Calls presents many examples of the calls by both sexes and various age classes that are used in hunting and heard in calling contests. $5.00

Real Turkeys II: Fall Calling begins with examples of the seldom heard calls of young turkeys and brood hens and follows the development of the turkey's voice through the fall and winter period with explanations of how turkeys find each other and flocks re-assemble. A must for fall hunters. $5.00

Real Turkeys III: Spring Calling reveals the turkey's vocabulary during the spring hunting season with explanations about the functions of the calls and examples of young and old, hens and gobblers. A must for spring turkey hunters. Now available on CD for the same price as the cassette - Only $5.00

Real Turkeys IV: How to Call Turkeys is an instructional tape about calling turkeys especially useful for the hunter who can use a caller but would like to understand more about which calls to use under various hunting circumstances. A must for the less experienced. $5.00

Real Turkeys V: Advanced Calling for Spring Hunting contains more than 40 recorded examples of the four primary calls of spring hunting and five other calls that every hunter should recognize and properly interpret. Hear also examples of the Gould's gobbling in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico compared to the gobbling of Osceola gobblers at Fisheating Creek in Florida. Also included is the "song" of the ocellated turkey of the Yucatan. $5.00

Real Turkeys I, II, III, IV and V


The five 50-minute audio cassettes of turkey calls cover the full vocabulary of the wild turkey used in hunting as well as most of the other calls of the wild turkey. All were recorded from the mouths of the turkeys themselves and contain explanatory narration by Lovett Williams of what the calls mean to turkeys and how to use them in turkey hunting.

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