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The Ocellated Turkey in the Land of the Maya
by Lovett Williams, Erick Baur, and Neal Eichholz

The Ocellated Turkey in the Land of the Maya is a 150-page hard-back book about the ocellated turkey and its hunting by Lovett Williams, Erick Baur, and Neal Eichholz.

The authors have spent thousands of hours since 1997 hunting, guiding, photographing, audio recording, and studying the ocellated turkey in the rain forests of topical Mexico and northern Guatemala. The first chapter is an account of Lovett’s first hunt for “Pavo,” as the ocellated turkey is called by the natives who live with it. The second and longest chapter is about the natural history, physical features, biology, and behavior of the ocellated turkey. Also covered are hunting techniques, preparations for hunting pavo, a calling method, discussion of the ocellated turkey’s voice and 14 of its calls, animals of the rain forest, and a conservation and management program involving trophy hunting. The breeding season behaviors of the species are covered in detail. Over 100 color illustrations. Price: $29.95



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