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Lovett E. Williams, Jr.
May 10, 1935 - April 30th 2014


"It’s difficult to imagine the wild turkey world without him—he’ll be missed. Then again, Lovett Williams will always be with us in his books, audio recordings, DVDs, and dog-eared copies of magazines devoted to the wild turkey to which he contributed.  His business and website, now managed by his daughter Heather.

Lovett grew up in rural northern Florida, studied zoology at Florida State University (B.S.), game management at Auburn University (M.S.) and wildlife ecology at the University of Florida where he earned a Ph.D. He was not only an influential biologist and staunch advocate for the wild turkey he worked for the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission for 24 years, and served as Chief of the Florida Bureau of Wildlife Research but also one of our greatest authors and writers on the subject of Wild Turkeys."

-- Steve Hickoff

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Lovett and daughter, Heather

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