Spanish to English Terms

Communicating with Spanish Speakers

Guides and camp personnel are good at interpreting signals.  They use the same signals we do by pointing, fingers indicating walking, and other antics.

Here is a list of terms and phrases useful with Spanish-speaking guides and camp personnel.  The list will be most useful for those who have studied Spanish or have some familiarity with the language but need to brush up on a few useful terms.

Opposite the English word is the Spanish terms and a guide to Spanish pronunciation in parentheses.  The loudest syllables are in bold face type.

English Spanish (pronunciation)
Used in general situations
Yes Si (see)
No No (no)
Hello Hola (o-la)
Good morning Buenos dias (bwain-os di-as)
Good night Buenos noches (bwain-os no-chez)
Good bye Adios (ah-di-os)
Please Por favor (por fav-oar)
Thank you Gracias (gra-see-us)
You are welcome De nada (di-nodd-a)
You Tu (too)
How are you? Como esta (co-mo esta)
Well Bien (be-in)
Very well Muy bien (moo-y be-in)
In camp and when eating
Coffee Café (ka-fay)
Salt Sal (sall)
Sugar Azucar (a-sue-car)
Hot pepper taste (food) Picante (pee-cahn-te)
Hot water, coffee, etc.) Caliente (cali-in-tee)
Drinking water Agua pura (a-gua pu-ra)
Food Comida (co-mi-da)
Table Mesa (may-sa)
Beer Cerveza (sir-vase-a)
Bath Bano (bon-yo)
Excellent food Comida rica (co-mi-da ree-ca)
More Mas (mahs)
In hunting
I don't understand No en-ten-do
Shotgun Escopeta (es-co-pe-ta)
Rifle Rifle (reef-le)
Shotgun shells Cartuchos (car-tu-chos)
Shoot? Tiro? (tee-row?)
Let's go Vamos (va-mos)
Down Bajo (ba-ho)
Up Arriba (a-ree-ba)
Here Aqui (a-key)
There Alli (a-yee)
That way (while pointing) Por alli (por a-yee)
Where? Donde? (don-di?)
Near Cerca (sir-kah)
Far Lejos (lay-hos)
Gobbler turkey (Gould's) Cócono (co-co-no)
Ocellated turkey Pavo (pah-vo)
Singer (male ocellated turkey) Cantador (cont-ta-dor)
Very big Grande (gran-dee)
Spurs Espinas (es-peen-nas)
Beard Barba (bar-ba)
Hen Hembre (em-bra)
Tracks Huellas (way-us)
Droppings Ca ca (ca ca)
Feathers Plumas (plu-mas)
Roost Dormitorio (dor-mi-to-rio)
He is coming Viene (vee-i-nee)
He left, they left Se fue (say-fway)
Road Camino (ca-mi-no)
Camp Campimento (compi-men-to)
Tip (gratuity) Propina (pro-peen-na)
Woods and landscape
Woods Bosque (bos-key)
Mountain Montaña (mon-tan-ya)
Tree Arbole (ar-bowl)
Pine tree Pino (pee-no)
Oak tree Encina (in-see-na)
Creek drain Arroyo (a-row-yo)
River Rio (ree-oh)
Other useful words and phrases
Hot weather Mucho calor (mooch-cho cal-or)
Good Bueno (bwain-o)
Now Ahora (a-ore-ra)
Tomorrow Manana (mon-yan-a)
Yesterday Ayer (a-yer)
Nothing Nada (na-da)


Spanish to English Terms

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